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BPAA Meetings and Other Events

March 21, 2001:  Bruce Weertman, chairman of Dark Skies Northwest, a branch of the International Dark Skies Association, spoke about "Lighting Standards Necessary for Dark Skies".  The Bainbridge Island City Council was in attendence, including Councilmembers Lois Curtis, Norm Woolridge, Christine Nasser, and Mayor Dwight Sutton, who appear in the photo collage prepared by Mac Gardiner, image is 63k in size.

Robot Club 2001:  Led by Jim Vaughan, a group of young people meets weekly to build and program robots.  They participate in local robot contests.  The group was featured in a front page article in the Bremerton Sun.  The following picture shows the group working on various problems.

Robot Clubfull image 25k

Grand Olde Fourth of July.   BPAA has a history of participating, to increase public awareness of our activities.

July 4 booth

July 4 booth setup

2001:  Full image 35k Our new shelter is put to good use, as visitors stop by. 2001:  Full image 36k  Terry Hubbert (left) and Jim Young (right) get set up.

July 4 1998

 July 4 1998

table on July 4

1998: Full image (29k)  (above) In the back of the truck are David Warman (jumping aboard), Anna Edmonds, Mac Gardiner, and Bill Edmonds 1998:  Full image (36k)  The BPAA sponsored the truck that pulled the band. 1999:  Vaughn Smith and Jim Young (with help from Jim Vaughan and Paul Below) staffed the information table. full image (34k)

July 1999 Guest Speaker was Nal Morris on archaeoastronomy.

June, 1999 Board Meeting:  Images of one of our typical business meetings.

Board meetingfull image (27k)   Board meetingfull image (39k)

(left) left to right, Bill Edmonds, Paul Below, Mac Gardiner, Eric Cederwall, George MacCullough, John Rudolph, Dave Warman, Jim Young, Tom Medchill.  (right) left to right, Dave Warman, Bill Edmonds, Paul Below, Rik Shafer, John Rudolph, Mac Gardiner.  (photos by Anna Edmonds)

Annual Meetings:  Once a year, BPAA holds a meeting for all members to review the year's accomplishments and explain goals for the next year.

Annual 1998



1998:  Getting set up for the meeting.  full image (31k) 1997: Coffee and conversation after the meeting.  This was the first annual meeting held in our own facility.  full image, 20k 1997: John Rudolph holding a poster session on his work on archaeoastronomy  full image, 27k

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