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This web site makes a valuable contribution to our members by serving as a repository of photos of the many BPAA activities.  The photos are displayed on linked pages with handy buttons at the bottom to let you leaf through all of our photos.

In addition to this online repostitory there is a much more extensive traditional photo archive maintained by one of our members that contains photos showing various events in the history of BPAA.    

The Helix House at Battle Point Park

contains the Edwin E. Ritchie Observatory and serves as an educational facility operated by the BPAA.  When construction started, the building was an empty shell.  Today, the building is a two story facility ready for use.

BPAA front door

(photo by  Robert  von Bereghy)

For a short history of Battle Point Park, including  Look!aerial photos of the Park and of the Radio Station before it was a Park, check out the BPAA Manual.

Welcome to the dome!

-->See the dome open and close!

Dome under construction

Dome partially covered

Dome with plywood

Dome on the Helix House, before plywood skin was on.  View from back (looking east) side of building.  full image, 21k Plywood partially in place. Scaffolding still in place.  full image, 38k Plywood in place, awaiting waterproof covering.  View from front, looking northwest.  full image, 39k

Dome shell

 Dome closeup

  Dome hatch

Dome detail, during construction. Concrete pad in center awaits telescope.  full image, 27k During construction,  assembly of aluminum frame. full image, 48k Detail showing how the frame comes together at top of dome. full image, 33k

Dome at night

Ritchie grinding machine

milling machine

The dome in operation, John Rudolph at the eyepiece (photo courtesy of the Seattle Times) full image, 25k The grinding machine, constructed by Ed Ritchie, and used to grind the mirror for the big scope.  full image 21k In the observatory workshop, the milling machine that was obtained in trade from the University of Arizona. full image 21k

This last picture is a closeup of one of the dome rollers, showing one of the metal hooks that keeps the dome from becoming airborne in a high wind!

Roller full image, 31k

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All photos by Paul Below, unless otherwise noted.

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