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* NASA *

(Planet Mars)Mars Exploration (home page)

Mars Odyssey (current mission to Mars)

sunCurrent Solar Images (image at left updates daily) NebulaHubble Space Telescope Public Pictures (STSI)
J-Track 3D ( Java applet that shows positions of satellites in 3D) NASA Home Page
Cassini (mission to Saturn) SOHO (solar and heliospheric observatory) Space Calendar (space-related activities and anniversaries for the coming year)
Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission (mission to orbit an asteroid) Project Galileo (Bringing Jupiter to Earth)

*Current Events and Publications  *

Amateur Astronomy Magazine Astronomy Magazine Astronomy Now (UK Astronomy magazine)
Aurora activity (NOAA) Space.com (Space Online's Space Today) Heavens Above / GSOC Satellite Predictions (times and maps for seeing the ISS and Iridium flares)
Liftoff to Space Exploration (news and location of spacecraft, lots of cool stuff) Skywatcher's Diary (Abrams Planetarium) Sky Online (Sky & Telescope Magazine)
Star Gazer (Jack Horkheimer, scripts of his TV program) Solar Influence Data Center (latest solar data, sunspot numbers) Scientific American
This Week's Sky at a Glance (Sky & Telescope Magazine) Upcoming Eclipses (US Naval Observatory) US Naval Observatory  (Time and sun/moon rise/set/phases)

*  Weather  *

Click for Bainbridge Island, Washington Forecast Starcast (weather and current night sky events) Cloud forecast for Astronomical Purposes (Canadian model and simulation that predicts cloud cover, the western images include the NW US.)
Bremerton, WA forecast (weather.com) Accuweather Clear Sky Clock for Bainbridge Island

* Organizations *

Astronomical Society of the Pacific (largest general astronomy organization, nonprofit) American Astronomical Society (North American organization for professionals) International Dark Sky Association (non-profit organization dedicated to restoring our view of the night sky)
Astronomical League (organization of amateur astronomy clubs, nice list of astronomy clubs, details on observing programs) International Occultatation Timing Association (IOTA) The Astronomy Connection (California amateur group with good information)
International Meteor Organization (International cooperation for amateurs doing meteor work) University of Washington Astronomy Department  (Seattle)
American Meteor Society North American Meteor Network Mount Wilson Observatory  (non-profit science and educational organization)

*Astro Lists and Search Engines*

S&T's Directory of Astronomy Clubs, Planetariums, Observatories (Sky & Telescope) Astronomy Data Center for Amateur Astronomers (NASA)
Skylinks: Astronomy Clubs on the Web (Sky & Telescope, includes only clubs that have Web pages) Planetarium Software (dozens of astro software links)
[ Yahoo! News Search ] (Astronomy in the news) DejaNews (search engine for messages posted to Usenet newsgroups, search sci.astro.amateur)
StarWorlds  (Search for astronomy organizations) Sky Camping Worldwide (events and info on observing sites) AstroWeb  (Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet)

* Amateur Telescope Making (ATM) *

ATM Mailing List FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Dobsonian Evolution (page with links to numerous examples of Dob designs)
Mel Bartels' Homepage   (information for telescope making, includes a complete guide for outfitting a dob with computer-controller) Dobsonian Telescope Plans (detailed plans for building a classic Dob design telescope, from the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers) ATM site (Resources and Techniques for the ATM'er)
Build your own 4 inch Dob (free detailed plans for an inexpensive scope) Greg Babcock's ultralight (18 inch telescope)
Wood scope plans (Sky Valley Scopes)
* Sky Charts and Pictures *
MyStars Live (find out which constellations will be visible) The Messier Objects (photos and information on each Messier object) Messier Catalog  (excellent site from SEDS)
Terry's Hunt of the Month(observing lists) Atlas of the Universe (zoom in and out to see what our universe actually looks like) Weather Underground sky (online sky chart)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon (Lunar viewing information) Solar System Simulator (need a solar system graphic?)

*  Archaeoastronomy  *

History of Astronomy (Archaeoastronomy, Ancient Astronomy, and Ethnoastronomy) Nal Morris (BPAA guest speaker July, 1999, on Parowan Gap)

* Miscellaneous *

Criterian Dynascope Group (classic telescope, no longer sold, one is owned by BPAA)
Terraserver (look for your house on a satellite photo) Todd Gross' Astronomy (Boston weatherman with astronomy information, equipment reviews)
Home Planet Release 3 (free astro /space software package) Astro PC (freeware program Carte Du Ciel)
Astronomy Picture of the Day (Different photo each day with an explanation by an astronomer) Bad Astronomy (examples of astro blunders in movies, TV, magazines, etc.) Dale Ireland's Astronomy (Astro Photos from Silverdale, WA, comets, eclipses, humor)
Rocketry Online (search for model rocketry resources) SETI at Home (search for extraterrestrial intellignence)
Dan's Astronomy Software (freeware and shareware) Martindale's 'The Reference Desk: Calculators On-Line'  Online Astro-physics calculators

*  Vendors  *

Note: Vendor links are informational only, and a listing does not represent an endorsement

Also, some Astronomy Organizations and Publications sell items.

Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird (telescopes and accessories, Anacortes, WA) Astronomy Guide (alphabetical list of astronomy manufacturers) Astronomy Mall (vendor home pages, including several that do not have a separate link on this page.  Also, classified ads.)
Astro Dealers (a fairly complete list of dealers by Bill Nunnalee) Astromart (listings of used equipment, search archives to check for price ranges)
Celestron (telescopes and accessories) Discovery Telescopes (telescopes and accessories) Astronomy Photos & Images
DGM Optics (off axis reflectors) Buy Dark Sky Lighting Here Night Sky Information
Meade (telescopes and accessories) Mag 1 Instruments (portaball telescopes) Murnaghan Instruments (Coulter, Dobsonian reflectors)
Obsession Telescopes (large Dobsonians) Rex's Astro Stuff (accessories) Rigel Systems (accessories)
Scientifics  (was Edmund Scientific, small telescopes, science items) SkyMap (software) Night Sky Scopes(large reflectors)
Software Bisque (The Sky software) Stargazer Steve Telescopes (inexpensive reflectors) StarMaster Portable Telescopes (reflectors, observing chair)
Sienna (Starry Night software) Starsplitter Telescopes (reflectors) Swayze Optical (mirrors, Portland, OR)
Orion Telescope and Binocular Center (telescopes and accessories) Tele Vue Optics (refractors, eyepieces, accessories) University Optics (eyepieces and accessories)

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