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Astronomy links for kids (stuff to do when it's too rainy to see the stars outside!)

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*  Live from Earth and Mars: University of Washington (Atmospheric and Space Sciences for K-12 and the Public:   A Northwest Approach)  

* Learn the Constellations (learn about and test your knowledge of the constellations)

* Space Day (Lockheed Martin presents this week in space and things to do)

*Berit's Best Sites for Children , a librarian who rates many internet sites including a nice selection of space (and astronomy) sites for children

* StarChild  (NASA's learning center for young astronomers)

* Space Science Hotlist  (Franklin Institute list of links for educators)

*Jason Project  (An annual expedition where kids can work side by side with scientists, with live broadcasts)

* Solar System Collisions  (crash an asteroid into your favorite planet!)

*Student Experimental Payload (model rocketry programs for students)

*Here is BPAA's own introduction to amateur astronomy with tips for getting a start in our hobby.

*  Teachers, check out Project Astro in the Seattle area!

*  and the NASA Education home page.

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