Greetings! You have entered the waters of Bainbridge Island. Being an island, surrounded by water and all, we have a slightly different perspective on things than some other places. Our history was built by our ties to the water as a part of our local economy, but the focus has since changed. The ship-building, shipping, commercial fishing and other water-related industries have gone their way. The waterfront has become high-priced residential real estate.

Now our abundant connection with the water is in a recreational vein. We have two resident yacht clubs and a few outstations for others. We have several marinas (although no fuel dock) and a few anchorages; we waterski and fish; but most of all we are boaters, and a high percentage are sailors, at that.

So, hoist your main, unfurl your headsail and navigate these pages with me. The water is where I live when I am not chained to my computer. - Dave