Docks are good for all sorts of things besides just walking on and traveling from the shore to a boat. Docks are a vantage point from which to enjoy a sunset or sunrise. Docks are a place to meet someone. Docks are a place to watch fish, birds, crustatians, and neutabranks.

But one of the more useful things is a PARTY

So dust off your lei and sandles you've had in the closet all winter and come on down. The "Doc" is in.

Here is a typical setting, a few people, a few tables and benches and usually a barbecue.
This particular one had a blind dingy race. If you have never seen a blind dingy race it is a little like teaching your spouse how to drive for the first time blind folded.
Here is the guest of honor, a pig roast.
Being a Northwest Pig he wasn't quite use to the bright sun, hense the sun glasses.
It all comes down to a fun evening and a slice of Island life.