Consider This:  As you go down the road of life you will have many experiences. We tend to put these experiences into two categories; good and bad. They are the way we measure our lives. As you get older you will look back down the road you have traveled and see many things that you would have done differently. Sometimes this road is lonely and rough, other times it is full of company and fair. It is still, just a road. We have no choice but to travel it.

I hear people referring to someone who they consider as knowledgeable as someone who has experience. I would say it is the man who has learned from his experiences who is knowledgeable. (You can also learn from the experiences of others, this is sometimes a quicker and less painful way. ) Many people do not learn from their experiences and are doomed to repeat them. This I see in many of those who seek to lead us. Also be wary of those who lead for reasons of power and profit.
(I will talk another time on just the subject of leadership.)


I am going to share with you some thoughts that were passed on to me early in life as well as things I have learned while traveling my road. These concepts have served me well over time. They will help you see into the future and the hearts of men you will encounter along the way. I now pass them on to you:

  • Do not think dishonestly and act with integrity.
  • The path of your life is the training.
  • Become aquatinted with every art and science.
  • Know the ways of all professions.
  • Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters.
  • Develop intuitive judgement and understanding
    for everything.
  • Perceive those things which cannot be seen.
  • Pay attention to trifles and details.
  • Do nothing which is of no use.
  • Love and respect those who deserve this of you.
    Do not let love own you.
  • Perceive the "big picture" while dealing with little things.
  • If you lead, lead and accept responsibility for the well being of those you lead. If you follow, follow. You have a duty that comes with choosing to follow. Support the one who leads you. Do not be afraid to question the ability of either leader or follower to fulfill their purpose.
    A sheep with a bell (although called a leader) is still a sheep.
  • Be aware of the three elements that motivate leadership (especially where politics is involved):
    Money, Power and Crisis
  • Corporations, Governments, Organizations and Boards of Directors do not have ethics. Only individuals do.
  • Be responsible for yourself and resolute in your actions.
  • Form your opinions of things based more on your observation of actions rather than the words people speak.
  • It is important to strive to make as few mistakes as possible in life and you will make mistakes. Then learn from them. At that point the event will transcend being a mistake and will have become a tool in life. (The sin will be not to have learned from the mistake.)
  • Define your purpose in life, take aim and fire. It is hard too stop a well aimed bullet before it hits it's mark.
  • Practice simplicity, "stuff" is sometimes necessary to the accomplishment of your task, but it is a burden and a distraction when it is no longer needed.
  • Three of the most valuable things you own: Your health, your time and your knowledge. Use them carefully and do not let others waste them.
  • Know history, it is a way to see into the future. (Men who do not learn, repeat their mistakes. Therefor they are predictable by their history.)
  • When dealing with people unknown to you; trust the man who has something to gain by giving you a truthful answer.
  • When you build a house and you want to find a good foundation builder, ask the framers. If you want to find a good framer, ask the sheetrockers. If you want a good sheetrocker, ask the finish carpenter. Always ask the person for a reference who has to follow another, and fix that persons mistakes in order to get his own work done. Understand this process, it applies to many things.

If you are young and adopt these things you will have a more interesting life and fulfill a greater destiny than you might have otherwise. If you are older, you will reflect on these things with references based on your journey and see the truth in them. They will still serve you well as you continue down your road.

Know the above things to the point where you no longer think about it. If you do this and keep your spirit high, you can never be defeated in life. Not even in death.

In any event, keep learning, go forward, and create worthwhile things.

Dave Henry
revised 3-23-02