A great achievement has taken place here on The Island. In case you didn't know, our Little League Baseball Team has won the right to compete nationally and perhaps internationally in the Little League World Series.

They won Saturday's game 4 to 3. Sunday's game was lost 0 to 2.

LATEST UPDATE: This is Tuesday at 1 p.m. and the game has been played against the team from the Bronx. They were a good opponent and we played well. Unfortunately, we lost. Our boys will be headed home, so give them a good welcome. They played an outstanding season. I'm going to try to make contact with some of the parents who were there taking pictures so I can give you a post-game review from a grandstand point of view.

I'll admit I'm not a big sports fan (I used to run a TV camera on sports events in the SF Bay area and I developed an aversion to watching sports in my time off) but I did enjoy watching our Island team play and felt a sense of pride in the fact that little ol' Bainbridge Island made it to the World Series. THANKS GUYS!

The team is managed by Don French.