Welcome to the web site dedicated to exploring the future uses of what is currently the Ferry Maintenance Yard on Bainbridge Island. It is known at this point that the Ferry System is considering moving the facility elsewhere. This site is to explore (in a public forum) what may be other possible uses for that area. This process is fact finding at this stage and all are welcome to participate. Several people from this community have come forward to start this process. All are welcome to participate in giving your opinions and sharing ideas.

This site will be up and running shortly after a March 1 public meeting at the Commons (10-noon) that will kick this project off.

In the mean time here is a web site that was created in 1999 to explore the same idea in a public forum. Come visit the Boatyard Project

Check back soon, the content will follow. We will have a place for email input, newsletter/email signup, project reports, contact information, concept gallery and an area for the commercial interests to be involved.

Current public sponsors of the project are:
Boaters Association of Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island Community Network
Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce