Woodward Middle School

Welcome to the Woodward Middle School's annual
World Cultural Fair.

Each eight grade student at Woodward Middle School has researched and prepared a project for display that reflects: Family roots, foods, music, arts and crafts, local history, and family history.
The students have practiced many academic skills in the creation of their projects. These include: library research, personal interviews, organizational, writing and presentation skills.

This particular display was created by Jenna Conrad and depicts the history of her father growing up in Hawaii

Working on these projects the students acquire a more personalized view of their heritage. It was interesting to me to see the broad spectrum of nationalities referenced in our collective heritage.
Through this process each student comes to recognize that the cultural differences that they and their families bring to our community creates the social fabric that reflects the uniqueness that is Bainbridge Island.
Through the effort these eight grade student have made, we as adults, can reflect on our family history and heritage as well. Perhaps recapture some memories we have long since forgotten.
Here is one cultural benefit we have gained,


This is Bainbridge Island, this is who we are.


Click here for a sneak preview of a tour of the presentations that will include the stories with the pictures.

Be seeing you - Dave