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This is the beginning of a project to bring together people on Bainbridge Island around a common interest...

Fly Fishing

There are quite a few of us fly fishers scattered around the woods and backwaters. We fish fresh and salt water alike... lake, stream and Sound. We have stories to share and secrets to keep. Now we're beginning to gather as Bainbridge Island Fly Fishers to tell stories, swap tips, find out where the fish are biting, and whatever else we figure out to do for fun and interest. Right now we're meeting once a month, and letting the group develop as we go along. If you want to be notified of how things are progressing and upcoming events, drop us a line. Off-Islanders are welcome!

The club meets once a month to share their experiences and learn more about fly fishing. The club also organizes club outings occasionally throughout the year. Club meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the last Tuesday of every month at the Seabold Community Hall. The Seabold Community Hall is located at 14454 Komedal Rd NE, Bainbridge Island.

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