Black Bears of Bainbridge

It has been reported on and off for some time that we have...
Bears on Bainbridge


This fine specimen was apprehended raiding dumpsters in the vicinity of lower Parfitt. A concerned citizen witnessed the act and as usual stuck his nose in where it could get bitten off. After a brief tussle our hero prevailed and subdued the beast thus preserving Island safety and security, Mom's apple pie and Don Palmer's lively hood.

But in true Island fashion he has a soft spot for furry woodland creatures and seeing the emaciated condition of the poor beast, he paid to have him transported to Alaska to be with his friends and dine on such delicacies as berries and salmon.

It brings a tear to my eye every time I think about it.

This is Bainbridge Island
This is who we are.

Dave Henry - be seeing you