I moved to Bainbridge Island in 1978. By current standards, that makes me a long-time resident; but I'm a newcomer to these folks. When I arrived here I was fortunate to experience a different community, the one these people had known for generations. This was a time when you'd ride the ferry and know a lot of the other riders; a time when the hardware store sold rope from big spools, and 10-1 Penta, and you could pick your hardware out of bins and boxes instead of blister packs. I have lived in small rural towns most of my life and appreciate those values -- it's part of what brought me to Bainbridge Island originally. However, even then I could see the Island starting to evolve from what it had been for so long into what it is becoming . . .

BUT TODAY, it's a sunny Saturday morning, and there's an "Oldtimers Picnic" up on Strawberry Hill:

Once a year the older families and generations of Islanders come out of the woodwork.
These are the names you see on street corners, like Grow, Lovell, Svornich, Keys, Sakai, Henshaw, etc.
This is a time for catching up on the details of old friends and grandkids, and for general swapping of stories.
Do they always travel in packs of three?
It's a potluck and a time for reminiscing about times gone by.
I want this web site to help carry these people's knowledge and experiences forward to the future, to help guide the decisions we make in the present.
Many decisions are made today without respect for what has gone before and without benefiting from knowledge of the past.

A final delight -- Grandma's brownies, I remember them.
Don't forget this
not-far-gone life of Bainbridge Island -- it is part of who we are today.
Be seeing you - Dave