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We were established in 1992. One of the first of community sites in the nation. From the beginning we reached out to three fundamental elements of our community: Social community, business community, and government sector. Unfortunately we had a two term mayor (Dwight Sutton) at a critical time in the evolution of the internet who established a policy: "The City could not be involved with a community web site because I helped businesses" and his secretary who found it more fun to build a city web site with Microsoft's Front Page than handling city business (great pay scale with benefits for a web site builder if you can get it) delivered this message me and a City Councilman Jim Llewellyn did the same). In a odd sort of way I thank the City for the endorsement of the Community Site helping businesses.

This process precipitated the creation of two sites to represent a whole community of Bainbridge Island. Bicomnet.com would continue to accommodate business related issues and BainbridgeIsland.org would deal with community and government issues, but it doubled our overhead, fragmented the structure and the Mayor had another agenda anyway. This move did not make any difference in our relationship to the city. (This was demonstrated when Dwight Sutton went all out to put the weight of the City behind the ISP Channel (a Palo Alto Company) when they came to town. Ironically to the potential detriment of our local business community. But he was not alone.)

In a sad way we will be retiring bicomnet.com (abbreviation for: Bainbridge Island Community Network) It is a nostalgia thing. It will be phased out gradually for practical reasons because the search engines know us as an "old timer" which helps our positioning. We now regret trying to accommodate the vagaries of our local government in this issue. We are going back to our original vision of a "Unified Community" with the past history of the leadership of Bainbridge Island pursuing the "Fragmented Community". We will let it stand as a model to all communities so they may learn from our mistakes.

In this process we will be migrating everything good about this site to bainbridgeisland.org and we are implementing new elements and visions in the new site that will ultimately eclipse bicomnet.com.

Dear friend: Celebrate with us the death of this site which has served this community faithfully for the last 16 years and rejoice in it reincarnation as www.bainbridgeisland.org.

Sincerely, Dave Henry - Builder and Craftsman of the Virtual Community


You've seen 'em. All dressed in black, standing on the corner as you get off the Ferry. They're THE
Here's what they stand for.

Ferry Schedule
Big changes in the new schedule
(get your refrigerator copy here).
Also the difference between Islanders & Commuters

The imprisonment of Japanese Americans from the Island during WWII.

Nidoto Nai Yoni


A few thoughts on "The Ways of Men" and a little on the subject of leadership.


NEW STUFF - Feb.2, A comment on the world we have created and what we are becoming, globally and locally.


Esthers Fabrics Esthers Fabrics has EXPANDED - BIG TIME and the May/June classes schedules are out.

Ocean Tuna Just in from sea. Fresh tuna for a limited time.

Paul Eberharter
Fine Architecture and design.


John Steiner
Quality craftsman and cabinetmaker.


Four Seasons Home Maintenance
For the odd repair and project around the house or business..

Service Technician - Steve Blackledge
for your marine repair and maintenance.


The Green Computer Guy

Useful tips on how to better use your old computer.

Bears on Bainbridge?

Every now and then rumors surface about bears here on the Rock. Now we have proof..




Back in 1999 there was a little movement in DOT and Olympia to move the Ferry Maintenance Yard to Bremerton (or another location) for political and economic reasons. To give that idea a kick in the ribs I and a few friends launched this concept as an idea "who's time had come". It became another reason for the State to move the yard.
I-695 killed the move but not until we got the juices flowing. Guess what? Its back on the burner and wait till I tell you about the interest we generated the first time around. This is not a Bainbridge Island project.

This is the

Reprints are available locally.

Best of Bainbridge Cookbook

An assembly of recipes by locals you know. Courtesy of the kids of Montessori School.

Great Christmas gift

2002 Lipton Cup,

6 Meter boat race here in Port Madison
(A photo essay from inside the race)

This is one of the better parts of our community, cultural diversity.

Conversation Cafe
Welcome to one of the newest groups to spring up on the Island.

NEW - Bainbridge Rowing Club

What kind of Island would we be with out a row
ing club?

The Virtual Port of Bainbridge
The waters of the Island and those who serve and play on them.

The Marge Williams Center Opens

A community office center for Island organizations.

Bainbridge Island Public Library
A walk through their gardens.
Richie Observatory
for heavenly views.
 Fly Fisher Folk of Bainbridge Unite!
Catch the reel happenings here.

THINGS FOR VISITORS Comprehensive Dining Guide
Where the Island eats out.

On the Subject of Parking in Downtown Winslow

  You Don't Know Jack
Test your knowledge of the Island and local happenings, and dispel a few rumors about who is sleeping with whom.


Updated April 7th, 2006